Professionals’ Set Up Help Guide

Welcome to Get Me Pampered and thank you for joining with us!

Account Set Up and Profile Completion:

Completing your account set up and profile completion will mean that we will be able to make your profile live so that you can get bookings. The first steps that you will see in your account include connecting to our platform Stripe account so that we can pay you any amounts that will be due to you for your bookings. In order to get bookings as a service provider on our platform, we require that you create a new Stripe account (even if you already have an existing one) that you connect with our platform Stripe when on boarding and connecting to our Stripe account. We also require that you use your Stripe account only for your purposes with our platform. This will ensure that your connected Stripe account correctly works with our platform Stripe account.

For bookings with us please wear black, for example a plain black top and black trousers. Please note we may have t shirts available with our branding for you to order in the future. A notification will show in your dashboard at such time as any t shirt may be available.

Completing your Profile:

Select to complete your new profile listing. On your profile you need to complete all the sections. In the name section add your first name. For your profile photo please take a head and shoulder shot wearing a black top against a neutral background. Please set your profile photo as the thumbnail so that that shows as the main picture on your listing before people click to go into and open your profile.

You can add good quality pictures of your work if you have available.

You can write some information about yourself, your work and experience, the products that you use, for example. Please don’t write any external links.

Select the services that you want to offer with us and to receive bookings for. 

You can offer all services from our services for which you are qualified, experienced and insured.

For some services that you offer that need you to undertake a patch test prior to the customer booking. We say that the customer can either book a patch test for £25.00 or if they book another service with you, you can undertake the patch test then in the same appointment free of charge – they can simply indicate at the time of booking if they are wanting to book a service that requires a patch test so that you can undertake the patch test in the same appointment at no additional charge. For your services that require a patch test you can select the service called Patch Test when selecting the services that you want to offer, in case a customer needs to book simply for the patch test. If you need to undertake a patch test for any services and this is not showing in the services then please get in touch with us.

Add your location and the mileage from your location that you are ok to travel for bookings so that you receive bookings as per this. You can add/ edit your availability during which you would like to do bookings. Our hours of service operation for bookings are between 6am to 11pm Monday to Sunday. If you are quite flexible on bookings and availability then you might want to leave your availability on at maximum so that you can get a wider number of bookings.

Once you have completed your profile you can submit it so that we can review it and make it live. If we have any questions we will let you know otherwise your profile will be published so that it is live for bookings.

How Bookings Work:

Customers can browse different services on our online platform and to make a booking they simply book on your profile for the service and select available slots as per your availability. You will then receive a booking request notification that you have received a booking request and you need to confirm it.

Customers can cancel a booking up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund. If they cancel less than 24 hours before a confirmed booking they cannot receive a refund.

When you arrive to do a booking we have a check in button that will appear, if you can check this once you are going in we will then have confirmation that you went into the client’s location for the booking.

If for any reason when you arrive to a customer you do not feel comfortable we recommend that you do not go in to the location. If during an appointment you feel uncomfortable in any way we recommend that you leave the customer’s location.

We recommend that clients notify you at the start of appointment of any medical conditions, adverse reactions or allergies that they may have. 

We require professionals to use only high quality branded professional products for all/ any services that you provide with us. The quality of the products and brands is an essential part of ensuring a five star experience at all times.

We aim to provide an excellent level of service to clients in the comfort of their location. We pride ourselves on the standard and level of our professionals.

Please note from time to time we might have ‘mystery clients’ that book a service so that we can get important feedback on the service side of our operations and assess any relevant measures to ensure a five star level of service is maintained and provided at all times.

Safety Information and Maintaining a Covid Secure Environment:

You need to ensure you follow the current guidance for your services as per the Government’s guidance on Close Contact Services and any other relevant guidance they have provided to ensure you are compliant and following all health and safety guidance, you can read their guidance on close contact services here:

Masks are now required for both professionals and customers.

Washing of hands and regular hand sanitisation.

Ensuring adequate ventilation in the treatment area. 

Thorough cleaning of kit, equipment and product between each client.

The client should provide their own towels during this time.

Disposable coach roll and single use applicators to help minimise the risk of infection/ contamination between clients.

Safely disposing of all rubbish.

If you are unwell you must not accept bookings on our platform until you are ok. Please refer to testing and isolation guidance and requirements on the Government website.

Please note this is not a full guidance. Please refer to the government website for full information as to the Government’s guidance and requirements regularly to ensure you are up to date and compliant in how you undertake bookings.

Further Information:

Please find our Terms of UseProfessionals Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy here.

If you have any questions or need any help please email us on